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Please Note: The following links are to forms that are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the use of Adobe Reader free software in order to view and print. You can download a copy of Adobe Reader here.

Please print all forms on white paper to help them be processed in a timely manner.

Please note the Odometer Disclosure Form is not available for download. It is a secure serialized form. It is available at Bel-Red Auto License.


This form is used to apply for a Certificate of Ownership (title) in your name(s). Use this form if you have purchased or acquired a vehicle from someone other than a licensed Washington vehicle dealer. Bring the Vehicle Title Application and ownership documents to Bel-Red Auto License. If the application is signed in the presence of a licensing agent, notarization is not required. The licensing agent can certify your signature(s). All individuals to be shown as registered owners must sign the application. You will be charged various fees and taxes based on the type of transaction involved.

Please contact Bel-Red Auto License with any questions you may have. See FAQ page.

Download the Vehicle Title Application


This form is used to release interest in a vehicle and/or to authorize another person to sign documents on your behalf that may be necessary to secure or release a Washington Certificate of Ownership (title).

It may also be used to allow someone to move a personalized plate that is in your name onto a vehicle that is not. In this case, you need only write the personalized plate number in the 'vehicle plate number' box.

If the form is signed in the presence of a licensing agent, notarization is not required. The licensing agent can certify your signature(s). All legal and registered owners shown on the Certificate of Ownership are required to sign. Please contact Bel-Red Auto License if you have questions or would like fee information.

Download the Release of Interest / Power of Attorney Form


The Departmentt of Revenue's Declaration of Buyer and Seller Regarding Value of Used Vehicle Sold form is to be used when a vehicle's purchase price is more than $2000 below the Fair Market Value (see the Fair Market Value FAQ for more information). This form must have original signatures from both the buyer and the seller where indicated to be accepted.

Download the Declaration of Buyer / Seller Form


A personalized license plate renewal fee will be charged in addition to the regular yearly registration fee, even if the vehicle is not being used on the road. Failure to renew the personalized plate, including payment of the renewal fee, will result in the cancellation of the license plate. The initial plate fee is only for issuance of the personalized license plate. The personalized plate will replace your existing vehicle license plates and the same expiration date will be assigned.

Please Note issuance of a personalized plate does not extend your existing registration period. You will benefit the most by renewing your licensing before applying for a personalized plate if it is about to expire.

The fee applies whether you pay the initial personalized plate fee one month or 11 months before expiration of your current registration.

Download the Personalized Plate Application Form

For more information about personalized plates, see our Personalized Plates FAQ.

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